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Bernard Toma,Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt,Barbara Dufour,Marc Eloit,François Moutou,William Marsh,Jean-Jacques Bénet,Moez Sanaa,Pascal Michel Wiley,2 sept. 1999-284 pages

A comprehensive, alphabetized dictionary of terms used in veterinary epidemiology, this book is an expanded translation of the only dictionary of veterinary epidemiology in the world,Glossaire d'epidemiologie animale.

An invaluable reference and teaching tool for anyone with an interest in animal health issues, the book will enhance communication on the numerous issues arising with the new animal-based industries and expanded markets for animal products. With this in mind, the editors have extended the scope of the book beyond strictly epidemiologic terms to include the basic nomenclature of economics and biostatistics, two important disciplines associated with epidemiology and animal health. The dictionary's international perspective should make it particularly useful as population-based problem solving becomes a global concern.

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